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Power Hammer



This is Jennifer’s recently acquired Anyang power hammer. It’s now re-assembled, connected to power and operational. The Anyang hammer will open up many new capabilities for Jennifer and her Daisy Hill Forge operations. This hammer will make it possible to hammer out much thicker steel, much quicker than anything that could be accomplished by hand.

Anyang is the world’s largest manufacturer of this type of machinery. Anyang employs 6000 workers world wide. This particular hammer has a 55 pound head weight and is powered by air from a built-in compressor. The compressor gives the head incredible striking power and amazing striking control.

The shop floor was already cracked and it was decided to get the hammer up and running for now and plan on creating a new foundation at a later time.


Daisy Hill Forge on Etsy

It seems as if this ETSY link has been broken. We’ll be checking into this.

Daisy Hill Forge Blacksmith Shop





The new Daisy Hill Forge Blacksmith Shop is in operation. Tools and supplies have been moved from the Old Rosedale location and 99% of the refurbishing of the building is complete. A good number of custom made products have been made and delivered to clients. This is the start of our eCommerce website where order may be placed and requests for quote will be taken. Check out the site and get some idea of what we might be able to provide for you.