Daisy Hill Forge 385221

I have found such a rewarding way to share my talent and passion with others by creating beautiful hand forged items that bring functional art that works into your home and lifestyle. I am a middle aged single mother of two children blessed by experiences of sharing with others that improves my product quality and skill and further develops my life. Thank you for looking and please contact me for all your special needs.
The “BlissHorn” flower is what you’d call our ‘signature’ accent element. It’s used in much of the work I produce. You may ask “What is a “BlissHorn” flower. I have a very good friend, Derrick Bliss, who is a very talented blacksmith. Derrick showed me how to make the accent element. He even made a wall hanger for me that had his version of the flowers on it. I made a modification and practiced, over and over, what he demonstrated to me. I love the look of the flower and gave it the name “Bliss” but after seeing my modification we decided it should be called the “BlissHorn” flower.
Daisy Hill Forge is the name of my shop. The name derives from the location of the shop, on the top of a hill near the city of sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. I love Daisies and have planted them in abundance around the shop, house and all over the hill.My shop was originally two garages, joined by a common wall with a small workshop area constructed on the back. Over the past year the buildings have been totally refurbished. The original garage doors were removed. One replaced with a glass door wall the other filled in completely. The interior is divided into a ‘forge’ room, a layout room and an office.
Daisy is the name of my shop cat. I brought her home as a kitten. My Dad was working on the shop and asked if I had a name for her. Dad suggested “Daisy” since she was going to be the ‘shop cat’ for Daisy Hill Forge and that settled it. Daisy is a wonderful cat! She followed Dad everywhere and ‘participated’ in all the work he did on the shop. She was only in the shop a couple days, as just a few weeks old kitten, when she first earned her keep by catching a rodent. I haven’t seen any since.

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