Jennifer Horn In Print

Jennifer Horn has been both an author and the subject of various publications both  Nationally and Locally. The images below will serve as links to a few of the articles that she has written in major publications and the articles that other’s have written about Jennifer Horn. Click on any of the images to go to a new page where you can read the article or download a PDF of the article.

The articles and these images are in Random order, therefore NOT chronological. Click an image or use the menu at top of the page!

MHA 40th wCover_001 (Medium)Cloverland_001 (Medium) MHA history_001 (Medium)

34 years MHA_001 (Medium) Italy cover (Medium) Leaving Secretary Position (Medium)

The Upsetter Scrolls Article_opt_001 (Medium) Steward AFA_001 (Medium) The Upsetter ABANA Article_001 (Medium)

The Upsetter WINE GLASS Article_001 (Medium) AFJ-ArticleSoo evening news story_001 (Medium)

A puzzle hangs on the wall 002 (Medium)Bay Mills News _001_001 (Medium)Whoa_001 (Medium)

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