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Whoa!, I have a Hero

by Kathryn Poirier about Jennifer Horn

When most people think of a Hero they think of George Washington or Babe Ruth. My Hero is not a president or professional athlete. She is a horse farrier. Her name is Jennifer Horn. Though I didn’t know it, I met my hero when I was only three years old when she came to my farm to trim my pony’s hooves.  That was way back in 1997, she has been our farrier ever since. Jennifer comes to our farm every five to six weeks to trim our horses’ feet. When you are with Jennifer, you will most likely hear her say “I work for the horse, the owner only pays the bills” or “Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.”

For the past ten years I have learned about the structure of the hoof and the legs of a horse. Jennifer even carries a freeze-dried horse hoof and leg around with her to educate her clients. I have learned about hoof diseases and cures. Jennifer hot forges shoes to correct hoof problems. Jennifer always says “No foot, no horse.”

Jennifer Horn decided to pursue the career of becoming a farrier in her senior year of high school. Her government teacher made the suggestion to her. She graduated in 1990 out of the Wolverine Farrier School after being taught by Robert Reaume. Robert Reaume is a Horseshoe Hall of Fame member. Jennifer has been a farrier for seventeen years now. She is a certified Journeyman Farrier and American Farriers Association (AFA) approved tester. An approved tester is someone who scores tests of other farriers who are trying to obtain certifications.

Jennifer owns a hot forge and makes most of her shoes out of a straight bar of iron. She customizes each shoe to fit the horses hoof. Not only does she hot forge shoes but likes to make other iron items such as…hoof picks, iron roses, herb and vegetable cleavers, candle holders, steak utensils, benches, and numerous other items made out of iron. She heats up the iron pieces in her hot forge and hammers, shapes and twists into a beautiful work of art. Jennifer enters a lot of these pieces of ironwork into the Chippewa County Fair, getting first place every time. Jennifer gives my mother one of these works of art for her birthday present.

Why is Jennifer Horn my Hero? Because of all the quality time she has spent working with me and my horses, ponies and also trimming sheep hooves. She has been there for the times when I needed help and support. Because of her love for horses and because she enjoys the job she is doing. One of her most well known quotes is “Whoa!” Jennifer will always be my Hero because we both share a common thing, the love for horses. “Whoa …I have a Hero!”

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