Daisy Hill Forge Building a New Table

The  video file clip attached  below (same as the YouTube version above) was too large to embed and is therefore presented here for download. The format is a common .3gp codex that Smartphones or Tablets will be able to view.

Click the link below to download a phone or tablet compatible video of the work on a new forged table from Daisy Hill Forge.  The table is only  part way finished, but the video will give an idea of the amount of work involved in building one using traditional blacksmith methods.

download;  Daisy Hill Forge table building video clip

After downloading, copy this file to your tablet or phone, or you might still be able view it on a computer if you have the correct video codex.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone to access www.DaisyHillForge.com and this post you might be able to run the video directly from the website.  By using a tablet to access the website and clicking on the link I had the option, and chose, to run the video with a video player app already on the tablet. It worked!